We Carry With Us Our Mother 

Video, 5:00min. 2019

Missing In-Between the Physical Proper 

Video, 6:00min. 2016

Over Fractured Water 

Video, 5:00min. 2014

On The Evening 

16mm film and video, 7:00min. 2014

Invert and All That Is Solid 

Video, 3:15min. 2014

In Reps of Long-Play 

16mm to video, 6:30min. 2013


Video, 10:00min. 2012


Video, 5:15min. 2011 

Negating the Increasing Powerlessness of the Most Photographed Thing in America 

Video, 5:00min. 2010

The Idea of Homelike 

Video, 7:40min. 2010